The Department of Physics was established in the year 2010. Earlier it was a part of the Humanities & Sciences since 2007. Later it was divided into 4 departments (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English in the year 2010 to facilitate academic and administrative convenience.  Right from its inception, Department of Physics has been laying emphasis on teaching and research for benefit of students. Department has impeccable vision to tune the students with eminent faculty members. The department of Physics is offering (As per updated curriculum) Engineering Physics for non circuit branches and applied Physics subjects for circuit branches.

About the Faculty
Presently the department has one Professor and two Assistant Professors. They are guiding about 15 research scholars in various fields of Physics. Department has published more than 65 research papers in various National and International Journals in the area of Physics includes Materials science, Radiation Physics, Glasses and Ceramics, Polymers & Polymer Electrolytes, Nano-materials. The faculty members have been attending various National and International conferences to present research papers and also interacting with scientific community.

About Engineering Physics Laboratory

The main Objective of conducting laboratory in Physics is to make the student to analyze the principles involved in the experiments and its applications. The experiments are related to the areas of Optics, Mechanics and Electronics, by which the students get nurtured to acquire the knowledge in the core area of engineering. 

The research lab was initiated and established in the year 2013 with the support and cooperation of the JNTUH. A High temperature furnace is installed in the laboratory to prepare various types of glass samples. Magnetic stirrer is available to prepare polymer electrolytes/composite polymer electrolytes using solution casting technique. Active research work is being pursued in the area of glasses and glass- ceramics, Nano-structured materials and polymer electrolytes. These glasses and polymer electrolytes  are used in wide range of applications which covers optical fibers, non-linear optical devices, CD memory devices, solid state batteries, switching and semiconducting devices. Using above lab facility the research scholars published several research papers in various reputed Journals and participated in various National and International conferences and seminars.