Course Outcomes -PG

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CO Subject Name -CO Statements
MC101 MC101-Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
MC101.1 Student would be able to understand the basic notion of Discrete and Continuous Probability.
MC101.2 To understand the methods of statistical inference and the role of that sampling distribution play in those methods.
MC101.3 To understand the Random samples, sampling distribution of estimators, methods of moment.
MC101.4 Able to perform correct and meaningful statistical analysis of sample to moderate complexity.
MC101.5 To understand the graph theory, Isomorphisms, planar graph, graph coloring, Hamiltonian circuits.
MC101.6 To understand Computer science and Engineering Applications in various domains like Data Mining, N/W protocols, S/W Engineering.
MC102 MC102-Advanced Data Structures
MC102.1 Understand The Implementation Of Symbol Table Using Hashing Techniques.
MC102.2 Apply The Knowledge To Identify The Appropriate Data Structure For Solving Computing Problems.
MC102.3 Apply The Skills In Analyzing The Performance Of The Data Structures Such As Stacks Queues, Trees, Hash Tables, Search Trees, Graphs
MC102.4 Students Will Be Able To Apply The Learned Concepts In Various Domains Like Dbms And Compiler Construction.
MC102.5 Develop Algorithms For Text Processing Applications.
MC102.6 Identify Suitable Data Structures And Develop Algorithms For Computational Geometry Problems.
MC103 MC103-Python Programming
MC103.1 Examine Python syntax and semantics and be fluent in the use of Python flow control and functions.
MC103.2 Demonstrate proficiency in handling Strings and File Systems.
MC103.3 Create, run and manipulate Python Programs using core data structures like Lists, Dictionaries and use Regular Expressions.
MC103.4  Interpret the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming as used in Python
MC103.5 Implement applications related to Network Programming in Python.
MC103.6 Implement applications related to Web Services and Databases in Python.
MC104 MC104-Software Project Management
MC104.1 Gain the knowledge of software economics,phases in life cycle of software development
MC104.2 Analyze the major and minor milestones,artifacts and metrics from management and technical perspective
MC104.3 Design and develop software products using conventional and modern priniciples of software project management
MC104.4 Apply the concept of project management and planning
MC104.5 Apply the concept of project organization and responsibilities
MC104.6 Apply the concept of project control and process instrumentation
MC105 MC105-Research Methodology & IPR
MC105.1 To be able to identify research problems in various fields
MC105.2 To be able to approach investigations scientifically in order to find solutions for research problems of interest
MC105.3 To know how to undertake literature review for knowing the state of the art in the areas of interest
MC105.4 To know how to put forward the research problems, findings, analyses and interpretations effectively
MC105.5 To know how to take ownership of new findings through intellectual property right laws
MC105.6 Comprehend concepts related to patents, trademark and copyright.
MC106 MC106-English for Research Paper Writing
MC106.1 Students will paraphrase information from outside sources effectively and accurately
MC106.2 Practice writing through assignments that ask you to plan, draft, revise and edit your essays over time.
MC106.3 Students will attain and enhance competence in the four modes of literacy: writing, speaking, reading & listening
MC106.4 Students will increase their reading speed and comprehension of academic articles
MC106.5 Students will enlarge their vocabulary by keeping a vocabulary journal
MC106.6 Students will strengthen their ability to write academic papers, essays and summaries using the process approach.
MC107 MC107-Advanced Data Structures Lab
MC107.1 Ability to select the data structures that efficiently model the information in a problem.
MC107.2 Ability to assess efficiency trade-offs among different data structure implementations or combinations.
MC107.3 Implement and know the application of algorithms for sorting and pattern matching
MC107.4 Design programs using a variety of data structures, including hash tables, binary and general tree structures, search trees, tries, heaps, graphs, and B-trees.
MC107.5 Ability to Write programs for implementing insertion and deletion operations of linear and nonlinear data structures.
MC107.6 Have practical knowledge on the applications of data structures
MC108 MC108-Python Programming Lab
MC108.1 Implement Conditionals and Loops for Python Programs
MC108.2 Use functions and represent Compound data using Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
MC108.3 Read and write data from & to files in Python and develop Application using Pygame
MC108.4 Student should be able to understand the basic concepts scripting and the contributions of scripting language
MC108.5 Ability to explore python especially the object-oriented concepts, and the built-in objects of Python.
MC108.6 Ability to create practical and contemporary applications such as TCP/IP network programming, Web applications, discrete event simulations
MC109 MC109-Web Technologies
MC109.1 To gain knowledge of client-side scripting, validation of forms and AJAX programming 
MC109.2 Understand server-side scripting with PHP language
MC109.3 Understand what is XML and how to parse and use XML Data with Java
MC109.4 To introduce Server-side programming with Java Servlets
MC109.5 To introduce Server-side programming with JSP
MC109.6 To gain knowledge on Database Programming using PHP, JDBC and JSP
MC110 MC110-Information Security
MC110.1 To understand security attacks,service mechanisms,substitution and transposition techniques,DES,differential and linear cryptanalysis,Block cipher Design,key Distribution.
MC110.2 To learn symmetric and asymmetric cryptography algorithms, knowledge on MAC, Hash functions &Authentication Applications.
MC110.3 To have Knowledge of Email security & Digital signatures.
MC110.4 To have Knowledge of IP Security Architecture & Web security Requirements.
MC110.5 To Understand Intruders, Virus &Worms.
MC110.6 To learn Case Studies on Cryptography & Security.
MC111 MC111-Machine Learning
MC111.1 Gain knowledge about basic concepts of Machine Learning
MC111.2 Identify machine learning techniques suitable for a given problem
MC111.3 Solve the problems using various machine learning techniques
MC111.4 Extract features that can be used for a particular machine learning approach in various IOT applications.
MC111.5 To compare and contrast pros and cons of various machine learning techniques and to get an insight of when to apply a particular machine learnig approach.
MC111.6 To mathematically analyze various machine learning approaches and paradigms.
MC112 MC112-Big Data Analytics
MC112.1 Understand the key issues in big data management and its associated applications in intelligent business and scientific computing.
MC112.2 Acquire fundamental enabling techniques and scalable algorithms like Hadoop, Map Reduce and NO SQL in big data analytics.
MC112.3 Interpret business models and scientific computing paradigms, and apply software tools for big data analytics.
MC112.4 Achieve adequate perspectives of big data analytics in various applications like recommender systems, social media applications etc.
MC112.5 Ability to recognize and implement various ways of selecting suitable model parameters for different machine learning techniques.
MC112.6 Ability to solve problems associated with batch learning and online learning, and the big data characteristics such as high dimensionality, dynamically growing data and in particular scalability issues.
MC113 MC113-Web Technologies Lab
MC113.1 Implement PHP scripting for server-side programming
MC113.2  Developing web pages using XML and using XML parsers in Java .
MC113.3 Create dynamic web pages using server side programming with Java Servlets .
MC113.4 Implement the knowledge of JSP in server side programming.
MC113.5 Develop web pages with client side scripting using Javascript .
MC113.6 To understand and implement advanced concepts like AJAX, Database connectivity using PHP, Servlets and JSP.
MC114 MC114-Machine Learning Lab
MC114.1 Understand Complexity Of Machine Learning Algorithms And Their Limitations.
MC114.2 Understand Modern Notions In Data Analysis-Oriented Computing.
MC114.3 Be Capable Of Confidently Applying Common Machine Learning Algorithms In Practice And Implementing Their Own.
MC114.4 Be Capable Of Performing Experiments In Machine Learning Using Real-World Data.
MC114.5 Apply Theoretical/Practical Foundations Of Decision Trees To Identify Best Split And Bayesian Classifier To Label Data Points.
MC114.6  Illustrate The Working Of Classifier Models Like Svm, Neural Networks And Identify Classifier Model For Typical Machine Learning Applications.